BY: Kent Weaver - Cendiv Executive Solo Steward

The waiver guidelines (with Exhibits) are updated and are supposed to be posted on the web by  3/28/03.  They can be found at:
Download Rally/SoloII Minor Waivers Here
Download Race Minor Waivers Here

The following summarizes and clarifies the SCCA minor waiver guidelines, but the rules are fairly clear for the most part.

1.  The pink SCCA Permanent Minor Waiver Photo IDs (which are primarily used by club racing) are not sufficient for a minor to be a competing or non-competing participant in solo events.

2.  There is only one minor waiver form, MS-2, Exhibit B (same for competition or non-competing participant.)

3.  Both parents/legal guardians must sign the minor waiver for a minor to compete or be in a hot area (passenger, staging, course, grid, etc.)  Annual waiver photo IDs are acceptable as proof of signature for the minor to compete or to be in a hot area.

4.  Minors under the age of 12 can only be in a "hot area" when they are competing per the Safety Board.

5.  One parent/legal guardian can sign for the minor to participate in "other than hot areas."

6.  Legal proof of custody must be provided if only one parent/legal guardian has custody.

7.  Minor waivers can be signed by the parents/legal guardians away from the event but it must be filled out completely and must have RECEIPT of the waiver "witnessed" by an SCCA member at the event.  Signatures do not have to be witnessed!  *Regions have the OPTION to require notarized signatures or have an adult SCCA member witness the adult(s) sign the waiver, but this is strictly an OPTION not a requirement.  **This also means the parent or guardian does not have to be present at the event although it is obviously preferred. 

8.  Annual Minor waivers can be written & signed but must say ALL 2003 SCCA EVENTS and ALL DATES.  I suggest saying All 2003 SCCA Events, ALL REGIONS, and ALL DATES for additional clarity.  See Exhibit C of the guidance.  The region must keep a copy of the waiver on record and available upon request.

9.  A minor waiver photo ID (Exhibit D, which is YELLOW) can be issued to the parent by the region to be used at events instead of the actual minor waiver form (more durable, easier to keep with you in the wallet, etc.)  You can get the Risk Management office to send your region the yellow "cards" free, then all you have to do is add a photo of the minor, fold it, and laminate it.  This minor waiver photo ID can be used at all solo events independent of region and are are acceptable for the minor to compete or be in a hot area.

10.  The adult waiver is not to be used for a minor and if an annual waiver is on file then an additional minor waiver is NOT to be filled out at an event.

11.  A tracking system must be established by the region to record attendance/participation of minors at the event.

12.  A word of caution on wording for your event supplemental regulations.  Both Pete and Judy were very specific and careful on their wording regarding "participant".  Anyone at a non-spectator solo event is a "participant" by definition.  They suggest using "competitor" or "participant in a hot area" for those competing versus "participant not in a hot area."