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Clutch Chatter -- June 2000

Good Guys Can Finish First
by Pete Hylton

In Memory of Bruce May -- 1954-2000

We have all heard it said that "good guys finish last." This old adage supposedly implies that victory most often goes to the fellow who doesn’t play by the rules, doesn’t care about his competitors, isn’t out to make friends, and thinks only of himself and his success. Indeed, sometimes life seems to work out that way, and it may appear that those who are selfish and self centered are the ones who usually see the top of the victory podium.

Those of us who live and compete in Indianapolis Region and Central Division of SCCA had a rare opportunity to realize that this particular old adage was a lie. Bruce May was living proof that good guys can and do finish first. Bruce was a top competitor in CenDiv’s highly competitive Formula Ford class for years. He won more races than I can count, was the divisional champion several times, and reached the pinnacle of his career with back-to-back SCCA National Championships.

Through it all he remained one of the most down to earth competitors I ever knew. And he was someone that everyone of us looked forward to seeing at the track. He had a ready smile and a quick laugh, even on those occasions when racing luck was going against him. Sure, he enjoyed winning, who wouldn’t? But you could tell that he got just as much pleasure out of good competition and good friends. And he kept it all in perspective. He thought it was cool that Cindy and I brought our daughter Aeron to the track from the beginning of her life. And he always made a point of speaking to her as well as me whenever we wandered by his paddock space. It didn’t matter if things were going good or bad, hectic or relaxed, you could bet that Bruce was gonna give both of us a cheerful word when we passed by.

When Bruce won his first national crown, everyone agreed that there wasn’t a fellow on the track that we’d have rather seen take the checkered flag. Then he won his second and started hearing people talk about his shot at being the first ever to win three in a row in Formula Ford. Bruce’s attitude was sort of a "ah shucks, we’ll just have to see what happens" kind of approach. And when the third one didn’t fall his way, he showed no disappointment. He merely said he’d had a good run, and couldn’t argue with the two gold medals he already had.

Perhaps what tells the most about Bruce’s view of racing is that during his really hot period of winning at the national level, he came out to run the very first regional race that Indy Region staged on the IRP 5/8 mile oval. He had nothing to gain at such a small event, and certainly the potential of messing up his car due to some rookie’s mistake. But after we’d both tried out the track and enjoyed the new challenge of it, I asked him what he thought. He replied "It was fun, man, and that’s what it’s all about."

Bruce died of heart failure in his sleep on May 10. It is unfortunate that last year saw the biggest crash of his career and some personal problems that kept him off of the track most of 1999. It was only days before his passing that many of us saw him start a new season at Gingerman Raceway. He had high hopes, he had a fast car, and he had a good finish. Just like normal. And he had that same friendly, laid back enthusiasm that we had all come to love in him. The next time I walk around at an SCCA National Race, there will be an empty spot in the paddock and my heart.

RE News
by Mark J. Badgley

This month begins with the latest in the continuing good news - bad news scenario of this region in the year 2000.

The worst news is that Bruce May passed away on May 10, 2000 of a heart attack. Bruce was one of the most talented drivers to ever get behind the wheel and he was a two time National Champion in Formula Fords. In addition, Bruce was the Chief Instructor at the Indianapolis Region Driver’s School for several years. I will remember Bruce as a guy that would sit and talk to you on Grid, help out the region when he could, and let my daughter, Alyssa, sit in his car and explain to her way more that I am sure that she comprehended at two years of age. My sympathies go out to Bruce’s entire family and his many friends. He was loved by many and he will be missed.

The good news is that the Double Regional at IRP was competitively successful. There were cars, drivers, stewards, and decent weather… What else could we possibly want?

Oh Yeah, maybe a few more workers would have been a good thing. I mentioned last month that my foray into the ranks of corner workers at the Driver’s School / Regional was very satisfying. While this was true, I cannot help but think that there is a real lack of understanding at the divisional level as to how serious this situation is. Specialties like Pit, Grid, Timing & Scoring and Flagging & Communications are operating at dangerously short levels at our races. So, why do I think that this is true? HMMMMM….There are too many races in Central Division, and we are killing our worker base. WOW, I have said it out loud.

The regions in this division all want to operate autonomously with little desire to play nicely with the other regions of their own division. I feel that the vast majority of the regions did not vote on the incorporation issue because they are afraid that a real governing body might tell them that we as a division need to reduce the number total races. I guess that the fear is real. Somebody should!!!! This was not the intended purpose of the incorporation issue, but ignore reality, as paranoia is always far more entertaining.

It would be really easy to blame the competitors that do not stop to help with the organization of the events. Sure there are always going to be the people that make remarks to a (2) person Grid Crew that we need to get better at our jobs, but do not actually offer to help. It might even be easy to blame the Area Directors, National Staff, or the Stewards for our dilemma, but the reality is that the problem is US! Don’t get me wrong. Over the course of any given weekend, there are a number of our club members that are helpful, complimentary, supportive, friendly and really bust their tails to make this club one of the most satisfying and enjoyable experiences of my life. Bruce May was one of those kinds of people.

I would encourage the Indy Region Future Planning Committee to look at our future from an area perspective as we are all dependent on the actions of others within the division.

As the world is rapidly becoming a Global Community, so, too, must the Central Division.

See you all somewhere.

2000 Indy Grand Prix to be "Electrifying"

July 8 and 9 are the dates for the first Indy Grand Prix SCCA National Race of the new millennium. This event is always one of the most popular races in SCCA’s Central Division, bringing together approximately 250 of the top amateur road racers in the country to compete on Indianapolis Raceway Park’s 2.5 mile, 15 turn road course. It always provides some great racing and the only chance for drivers to earn SCCA National Points in Indiana.

Two popular features of the event will be back again this year. The Valvoline Pro Vees will again be part of the event, running for points to crown a Pro Vee series champion. The traditional Pig-In cookout for drivers, crews and volunteer workers will also be on tap Saturday night.

Additionally, the NAMARS Formula Lightening cars will be part of the weekend. These electric powered vehicles are constructed by various colleges and universities around the country. They will compete on the IRP oval Saturday evening and have a demonstration race on the road course during Sunday’s activities.

As always, Indy Region welcomes new volunteer workers to join our existing corps. If you are interested and need more information, contact Pete or Cindy Hylton at 317-892-4206.


Jun 6 -- Solo II Australian Pursuit/Speedrome (See ad page 7.)

Jun 13 -- Indy Region Board Meeting, 6:30 PM, Laughner’s at Southern Plaza

Jun 18 -- Solo II Event (See ad page 7.)

Jun 25 -- Clutch Chatter Deadline

Jun 25 -- Road Rally Points Event (See ad page 2.)

Jul 8-9 -- Indy Grand Prix National Race at IRP

Jul 22-23 -- BFG Solo Event/Indy Region Solo Event (See ad page 7.)

Jul 23 -- Clutch Chatter Deadline (FIRM)

Jul 30 -- Road Rally Points Event

by Chuck Hanson

Round 2 of the 2000 Regional Rally Championship is history. And for Round 3 we are actually going to study a little history. OK it was a lame joke on the name of the next event.

Our thanks to Julie Partridge and Deanie Joseph for putting this event together and to Jim Bredle for the loan of his Porsche / rally computer for the measurement of the course. We also need to thank Rich Lankford who provided the concept of the rally.

The third points event of the season is scheduled for Sunday, June 25. Because of the scoring method there will be only two classes for this event; Experienced and Novice. See the published rules for your class. For their first effort, I think that Dave and Roberta have put together a really fun event.

It is time to start planning for the July 30 event which is sponsored by long time member Turner Woodard as a promotion for his Wasatch Lake Resort. Vic Brunamonti has put together a reasonably easy touring rally that has only one short stretch of gravel going into the resort at the end. This is a family event! The resort has hiking, swimming, volleyball, and lots of other activities that we are asked to enjoy after the event. For this reason, the normal two persons to a car rule is waived. The exact starting point will be announced next month, but it is a short drive out I70 towards Terre Haute.

Indy Region Rally Points Event #3


JUNE 25, 2000

The start of the event is at the Marsh supermarket parking lot at the intersection of German Church Road and East Washington Street on the east side of Indianapolis. Look for the check point sign.


Registration: -- 12:00 – 12:45 PM

Drivers Meeting: -- 12:45 PM promptly

First car receives route instructions: -- 12:45 PM

First car starts course: -- 1:01 PM

First car completes course: -- Approximately 4:30 PM

Members of SCCA: $10 -- Nonmembers: $20

Concept of the rally: This is an event that can be as easy or difficult as you care to make it. There is an odometer check zone that will be used to calibrate your odometer so that we can determine how many miles you drive on the event. You will be given a map of Hancock County that has a number of interesting sites marked on it. You will also be given a series of questions about these sites that you can answer by going to them. You may choose your own route to accomplish this. Scoring will be ten (10) points per mile traveled minus some number of points for each question answered correctly plus a penalty for not answering enough of the questions.

It can be an easy drive around the County if you do not worry too much about the mileage, or a challenging exercise estimating if you go for the win.

The rally will end at the Applebee’s Restaurant on SR9 a little south of I70; convenient for getting home.

For further information: Charles Hanson (317) 780 - 9007 (Leave a name and phone number if you get voice mail. I travel a lot.)


Position Class Names Points
1 E Candice & Frank Pope 165T
2 E Bob & Pam Farr 165T
3 E John Marshall/Roger Bland 155T
9 E Jim Bredle/Damon Beals 155
4 E David & Roberta DeBolt 145
5 N Alan Ausbrooks/Andrea Hutson 145T
6 E Richard & Janet Atkins 140
7 N Yngvar Brynildssen/Karen Collins 135T
8 E Carolyn George/James Cates 132.5
10 N Terrance Ireland/Steve Fernald, Jr 25


Jun 25 A Little History of Hancock County Dave & Roberta DeBolt (Map)
Jul 30 Wasatch Lake Rally Vic & Pat Brunamonti
Aug 19 Anywhere Is Rally Bob Burns (twi-night)
Sep 10 Frank or Candi Frank & Candice Pope (Tour/Course)
Oct 22   Ken Osieki (Tour)
Nov 19   Dan Cook (Course)

with Aeron Hylton

The Central Division National Racing series opened at Gingerman Raceways and a number of our folks went north for the event. Bob Sirico was there in a new car. He had a Touring 1 Corvette to replace the BMW he ran last year, and the switch paid off, as he won. Tom and Fred Edwards were flying high in Formula 500, taking first and second while Greg Buttrey was busy winning in Formula Vee. Chris and Brian Jennerjahn were fourth and 14th in Vee. Ralph Porter only managed fifth in Showroom Stock C after he had to switch from his normal ride to the one Larry LeFebvre normally runs. John Larue started first and finished first in Formula Ford while Bruce May started and finished fifth. They were kept a lot busier than it sounds during the race. Ralph Johnson finished 14th. Terrence Garrett was thrilled by his second qualifying spot in his new Sports 2000. He ran there for quite a while, then had a suspension piece come loose. He limped around for a finish, but not the one he had hoped for. He ended up seventh.

We had a big event back at IRP in May, with a double Regional Race. Renee Edwards had problems on Saturday and only got third in Formula 500, but turned it into a win on Sunday. Bruce Shire was second and third in the same class. In Formula Vee Craig Leeke had a third and a first, Jonathan Leeper was tenth and second, Steve Garrett had a ninth and an eighth, Tim Reisert had a sixth and a fifth, and Jerry Shopp had troubles, only finishing half the race each day. Paul Reineck was sixth and fifth in Formula Ford while Ralph Johnson was seventh, running Sunday only. Michael Neylon was eighth in Club Ford Saturday and didn’t start Sunday.

In GT1 Gary Parker got a pair of wins. American Sedan belonged to our new guys. Yngvar Brynildsswen won on Saturday while polesitter Dave Hart spun off and met the fence. On Sunday Dave took the win while Yngvar sat on the sidelines with overheating. Jason Baugh had an eighth and a ninth in Improved Touring S while Bob Hunt didn’t finish Saturday and didn’t start Sunday.

In Improved Touring A, Brian Duncan took second and first while Dave Thomas was second in ITB both days and Larry LeFebvre was third in Showroom Stock C both days. Matt Chitwood was third ITB Sunday after problems on Saturday slowed him to sixth. Scott Jeffers dropped out early on Saturday and didn’t start Sunday in ITA.

It seemed like half of the formula and sports racer group was ours. Mark Hogue won Club Formula Continental on Saturday, but only made half the distance on Sunday. Warren White, on the other hand, didn’t finish on Saturday and won on Sunday. Brian Schuman was a bit more consistent than those two and was third and second. Paul Pfauser was fifth and fourth. Dave Bleke won Formula Continental both days while Don Baker was a DNF on Saturday and didn’t start Sunday in his D Sports Racer.

Lloyd Jennings won F Production on Saturday, but blew and engine on Sunday (and he made Daddy spin!) Bill Campbell was second in FP Saturday, and took the win on Sunday. Hugh Kluesner broke on Saturday and didn’t start Sunday in GP. Same story for Mommy in EP.

We have a new Spec Racer driver, Rhonda Trammell, who came from the Barber Dodge Series. She had car trouble on Saturday, but won on Sunday. Stu Coomer was fourth Saturday, but went home sick on Sunday. Daddy was fifth on Saturday, but ended up 13th on Sunday after that spin I mentioned earlier. Ray Dalton was eighth on Saturday, but lost an alternator and coasted to a stop on Sunday. Don Munday was tenth and 11th, Darold Rude was 13th and 12th, Paul Holeman was 14th and ninth, and William Drane was 17th and 16th. Alan Knell was second both days in Baby Grand.

From the Director’s Desk -- May 14, 2000

News from SCCA Area 4 Director Pete Hylton

7217 Creekwood Court, Pittsboro, IN 46167-9798

Phone: 317-892-6572 Email:

Fax: 317-892-4206 Web Site:

The most recent meeting of the SCCA Board of Directors resulted in some changes which will hopefully have very positive effects on the future of our club. Let’s start with the biggest news and work our way down the list.

The Search for a New CEO. During the meeting, the BoD interviewed three candidates to succeed Nick Craw as SCCA’s President and CEO. While it would be premature to announce anything until the final details are in place, suffice to say that after 17 years, we will soon be looking at a new leader. Since I cannot yet divulge information about the selection, let me instead talk about the departure of Nick Craw. Nick has had his fans and his detractors across the years (as have we all). But one thing is certain, the SCCA has been through a lot in those years, and much of what occurred was positive. When the history book on SCCA is written, Nick will be part of a short list of people that includes folks like Tracy Bird and Cameron Argetsinger who played a fundamental role in shaping SCCA to be what it is today. And since I believe that SCCA today is basically a good thing, I believe we owe those people a great deal of thanks for the time, trouble, and energy that they put into our club. And like Tracy and Cameron, look for Nick to remain actively involved in SCCA.

Club Finances. I wrote in my last Director’s Desk memo about changes in SCCA Pro Racing. The deal involving SCCA, the Panoz-Sanchez Group, and the ALMS series is underway. The promotion of the Trans-Am by PSG has begun. And most importantly, the budget in SCCA Pro Racing has been brought under control. The fiscal year which just ended on March 31 showed positive income. But we have to be realistic, that was a one time aberration that occurred only because the BoD got out of the real estate business by selling the headquarters building and the unused property originally bought 15 years ago for construction of the office building that we never built. The profit from the sale of those properties managed to cover the huge loss which had occurred in Pro Racing across the last two years. There are no more buildings to sell and no more such profits to bank upon. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that all of the arms of our organization, Club Racing, Rally, Solo, Enterprises, and Pro Racing, work on maintaining positive cash flow. Our future viability as an organization depends on good, sound management from here on out.

Waivers. Signing waivers is a way of life for us in SCCA. But we are looking at a pair of changes that will simplify this part of our lives in the near future. First off, effective at the beginning of next year we will have an annual waiver process. This means that the issuance of individual event credentials can be simplified because you will only have to sign a waiver once each year. This is the result of a trial program which San Francisco Region was permitted to run during 1999. The results were positive enough that it will be available to the whole country next year. All the details will be released as the summer goes along. The minor waiver system will also be simplified for those who are not entering restricted areas or actual competition. That means most of the youngsters who join in our activities as part of our SCCA family will have less paperwork and hassle to deal with so long as they are only entering the areas that are normally considered to be "spectator" areas.

Miscellaneous. Based on the feedback received at and after the 2000 National Convention, changes are being made for 2001. The most frequently expressed concerns are all being addressed. We will be remaining at the same Denver site for another year to see how things work out. One of the issues expressed at the Convention and at the CenDiv spring meeting was lack of training for new Regional Executives. A new RE’s Manual will be issued this year, and the BoD is reviewing the current draft. Training seminars will also be presented at both the national and divisional meetings next time around. We are aware of the complaints over lack of club merchandise (apparel, etc.) that is currently available. We apologize for the situation, but there has been an ongoing legal/contractual problem which we believe is nearly resolved. The BoD and staff continue to recognize the need for an improved computer network for the National Office. At the BoD meeting there was a presentation on possible directions to go with this issue, and a decision was made to finalize and release a Request for Proposal for the new office network. This has been held up for a year by the drain imposed on our available finances by the Pro Racing situation. With that on the verge of resolution, we hope to move forward with the computer system upgrade after bids are received.

Keep In Touch. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by phone, fax, mail, or email on any subjects that have you concerned. Or collar me at an upcoming event as I make my way around Area 4.


REMEMBER: Indy Region’s Racing Awards Rule #9 states "It shall be the responsibility of each driver to supply the pointskeeper with results throughout the season." I have all the race results from the 3 Regional events at IRP, but don’t assume that I will get results from any other Regional event you run the rest of this year. Thanks and Good Luck with your racing ini 2000!!! Indy Region Competition Chairman and Regional racing Points Keeper, Jan Castelluccio, 317-898-9273 (evenings).

Edwards, Renee -- 31
Thomas, Dave -- 27
Lefebvre, Larry -- 26
Knell, S Alan -- 25
Bleke, David -- 24
Parker, Gary -- 24
Campbell, William J -- 21
Duncan, Brian -- 21
Brynildssen, Yngvar -- 19
Leeke, Craig -- 19
Reineck, Paul -- 18
Hogue, Mark -- 16
Schuman, Brian -- 16
Shire, Bruce E -- 16
Johnson, Ralph -- 15
Hylton, Peter -- 14
Reisert, John Mark -- 14
Hart, David B -- 12
Hasselbrinck, Fred -- 12
Jennings, Lloyd -- 12
Trammell, Rhonda -- 12
White, Warren D -- 12
Chitwood, Matt -- 11
Pfauser, Paul -- 11
Garrett, Terrence -- 9
Jeffers, Scott -- 9
Leeper, Jonathan -- 9
Mc Namara, Pete -- 9
Hunt, Robert A. -- 7
Coomer, Stu -- 6
House, Larry -- 6
Hylton, Cindy -- 6
Bearden, Michael -- 5
Landon, Mike -- 4
Baugh, Jason -- 3
Garrett, Steve -- 3
Dalton, Ray -- 2
Neylon, Michael -- 2
Rude, Darold -- 2
Holeman, Paul -- 1

Solo Report
by Dave & Cathy Hart

Jeff Alexander and friends put together a fun course at the 16th Street Speedway for our May points event. The weather was perfect again and the 16th Street Speedway now has 3 events worth of Indy Solo rubber on it. Thanks again to Pat Howey for acting as our designated EMT and everyone else who helped make the event run smoothly. The event results are detailed elsewhere in this issue.

Our upcoming events are Points Event #3 on TUESDAY, June 6 at the Indianapolis Speedrome and #4 on June 18th at the 16th Street Speedway. See event advertisements elsewhere in this issue.

Also included in this issue is the event flyer for the July BFG Series event that Indy Region is hosting. It’s not too early to pre-register. Thanks to all of you who have volunteered to help. We will be having a meeting shortly to finish organizing the event.

Cathy and I would again like to thank everyone who has offered support and encouragement the past few years with the Indy Solo Program. We will be looking for someone to pass the lead to in the following months and encourage anyone interested in becoming more involved to work together with us so that we can have a smooth transition at the end of the year. We will continue to be active with the Solo program, but are looking forward to playing a somewhat more passive, "behind the scenes" role.

On a totally personal note, our sons, Jason and Nick, (both Solo competitors) are engaged to be married next spring. Please join us in wishing them good luck at our next event.

Date(s)     Points Event/Site
Jun 6     3 Australian Pursuit / Speedrome
Jun 18     4 16th Street Speedway
Jul 22-23     5 BFG #4 / Converse, IN
Aug 20     6 16th Street Speedway
Sep 17     7 Australian Pursuit / Speedrome
Oct 15     8 TBA
Indianapolis Region SCCA Solo II Points Event #2
16th Street Speedway May 14, 2000
Place Time Name Vehicle
1 47.122 Kevin Klink Pontiac Formula WS6
2 52.734 Clark Howey Chevrolet Corvette
1 45.386 Todd Houtz Porsche 944 Turbo
2 45.920 Christopher Welsh BMW M3
3 46.262 Scott Callahan Porsche Boxter
1 46.873 Jay Hofacker Mazda Miata
1 44.895 Jeff Alexander Toyota MR2
2 44.951 Clemens Burger Toyota MR2
3 45.256 Sean Murphy Pontiac Fiero
4 48.815 Darren Daubenspeck Mazda RX-7
5 51.278 Michael Feder Mazda Miata
1 44.990 Gustavo Hammerly Honda CRX SI
1 49.268 Cindy Fineberg Dodge Neon ACR
1 47.949 Patrick Tipton VW Golf GTI
2 51.916 Andrew Tipton VW GTI
1 47.521 David Johnson Chevrolet Camaro Z28
2 49.801 Slava V.domanels Toyota Supra
1 44.372 Harold Hammerly Acura
2 47.113 Alan Ausbrooks Subaru Impreza RS
3 47.513 Doug Copfer Accura Integra
4 47.620 John Kudlaty Eagle Talon
1 55.521 Linda Lentz Nissan Maxima
1 44.833 Jack Tovey Chevrolet Corvette
1 44.462 Jason Strain Honda CRX
2 45.689 Sherri DeCoursey Mazda RX-7
3 47.235 Scott DeCoursey Mazda RX-7
1 43.461 Andrew Bratt Toyota Supra
2 47.172 Jon Kerns VW GT-VR6
3 57.512 David Horst Toyota Supra
1 45.960 Paul Lazaro Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
2 47.168 Douglas Schrum Mitsubishi Eclipse
1 43.235 Lee Miller Pontiac Fiero
1 41.950 Warren LeVeque Chevrolet Corvair
2 46.657 Paul Fox Chevrolet Corvair
1 42.443 Richard Atkins Fiat X-1/9
1 45.403 Michael LeVeque Pontiac Fiero
1 44.608 Steve Linn Nissan Sentra SE-R
2 44.966 Greg Murphy Honda Civic EX
3 46.303 Chris McGuire VW Rabbit GTI
4 46.595 Ian Linn Honda Accord
5 47.796 Martin Ausbrooks Honda Accord
6 51.231 John Ausbrooks Honda Accord
1 52.263 Liz Nichols Emmick Express
1 39.993 Nick Hart Comet Mach 1
2 40.643 Dave Hart Comet Mach 1
1 41.010 Loren Long (DSP) BMW 328i
2 43.778 Tiffany Howey (SS) Chevrolet Corvette
1 37.385 Dennis Dunkman (HS) Honda Civic EX
2 38.006 Steven Schnelker (DS) Dodge Neon
3 39.272 Sam White (ESP) Ford Mustang LX 5.0
4 40.629 Corey White(ESP) Ford Mustang LX 5.0

Indianapolis Region Solo II Points Event #3




Back by Popular Request

If you haven’t tried this specialty format, you owe it to yourself to try it out.

Indianapolis Speedrome

802 South Kitley Avenue, Indianapolis

Corner of Kitley Avenue and Brookville Road

Karts Welcome! (Contact Dave Hart for Rules)

It is the judgment of the Solo Safety Steward whether the course design, surface, solid objects, and type of karts running present an unsafe mix (2000 Rulebook 2.1.D). Please contact the Solo Chairman prior to the event to determine the likelihood of limitation or exclusion occurring.

Gates Open: -- 5:00 PM

Registration & Tech: -- 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Driver's Meeting: -- 6:15 PM

Event Start: -- 6:30 PM

$15.00 Members -- $18.00 Non-Members

Contact: Dave or Cathy Hart at (317) 849-2495 E-Mail: --

Indianapolis Region Solo II Points Event #4


SUNDAY, June 18

16th Street Speedway Parking Lot

1501 West 16th Street, Indianapolis

Rain or Shine

Karts Welcome! (Contact Dave Hart for Rules)

It is the judgment of the Solo Safety Steward whether the course design, surface, solid objects, and type of karts running present an unsafe mix (2000 Rulebook 2.1.D). Please contact the Solo Chairman prior to the event to determine the likelihood of limitation or exclusion occurring.

Registration & Tech: -- 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Driver's Meeting: -- 10:45 AM

Event Start: -- 11:00 AM

$15.00 Members -- $18.00 Non-Members

Contact: Dave or Cathy Hart at (317) 849-2495 E-Mail: --

You might be addicted to racing if:

You think the primary purpose of wings is to PREVENT flight.

You take your helmet along when you go to a car dealership for a test-drive.

Every time you go to the grocery store you feel compelled to beat your previous best time.

When something falls off of your car, you wonder how much weight you just saved.

When you hear 'overcooked it,' instead of food you think 'off the track.'

You change engine oil every other week. You check tire pressures every other day.

You thoroughly enjoy showing the tailgater behind how to drive around a highway off-ramp.

You once had an argument with your wife over whether you should pay the mortgage on time or get those new heads while they were on sale.

You push you cart through a proper line in the grocery store.

You've paid $4.00 a gallon for gas without complaining.

You bought a tow vehicle instead of braces for your kid.

You and your wife go house hunting and you never actually get inside the house because you're checking out the garage for 220v.

You sit in your race car in a dark garage and make car noises practicing heel and toe, while waiting for your motor to get back from the machine

Your wife doesn't understand why you need three sets of tires for your car.

Your garage holds more cars than your house has bedrooms.

You have car parts in your cubicle at work.

You think the last line of the Star Spangled Banner is: "Gentlemen, start your engines!"

You're registered for wedding gifts with Edelbrock and Griggs.

Your Christmas list begins with another set of BFG R1s and aluminum rack bushings and your 'significant other' knows what these are.

Your home library consists of auto parts catalogs, books written by F1 drivers, anything about Carroll Shelby, and 400 car magazines.

People know you by your car number or your "offs" -- "Oh, you were the one stuck in the mud in Turn 5 last weekend!"

Your first date involves asking her to crew for you.

Your friends have never seen your hair actually combed -- they only know its color as "greasy."

Your family brings the couch into the garage so they can spend some time with you.

You complain when cars in front of you on highway off-ramps don't stay on the line, causing your exit speed to drop.

A neighbor asks if you have any oil, to which you query, "Synthetic or organic?" and they reply, "Corn."

You refer to the corner down the street from your house as "Turn One."

You always late apex the intersection and try to pass a few cars coming out.

You can't stand anyone telling others how to drive. Of course, you are the best.

You can't stand understeer.

You will gladly pay up to $8 for a quart of engine oil.

You hate long distance driving vacations, but you will gladly drive 800 miles to the racetrack.

You think that traction control and ABS are for those who can't drive.

You save broken car parts as " mementos".

You've tried synthetic oil and racing gas in your lawn mower.

You've tweaked your riding lawn mower trying to improve its cornering ability.

Instead of pictures in your wallet, you have timeslips.

You would choose a rollbar over air conditioning if it were an option.

You enjoy driving through wet, empty parking lots using the Emergency Brake to turn.

You spend more on insurance premiums than on food.

When someone asks where you went to school, you reply, "Skip Barber".

You have racing shops programmed on your speed dialer.

You own five cars and only one of them is street legal.

You know the "racing line" of every turn in your daily commute.

You've slalomed in a construction zone, and counted your penalty time in the rearview mirror afterwards.

After you tell your wife where you'd like to go on your vacation she answers: "Why, is there a race there?"

Memories From Moose Parish

I have stumbled across a picture of the winning Indy team "Double Check" from the 1967 WOR Games. The team name was born from the idea that someone had to stop the Wester Ohio Region (I think?) from winning three WOR Games in a row, and therefore, retiring the trophy. As I recall, there was a meeting at Harvey’s office for all of those that were interested and a certain amount of gnashing of teeth as to who would and would not be included on the team. There was enough interest that we even formed a "Double Check II" and so we had two full 8 man teams. I do recall that Jim O’Neil was upset that he wasn’t on team one, and the decision was based on too many cars in "C Mod." Jack Ensley would be our guy in that class. I also remember being absolutely elated that I was chosen. I never felt worthy, but every member of the team scored at least one point. I was the only member of the team to run on Saturday, and I came in sixth and scored "the" point for the team that day. So, Saturday night was fun because I was the guy. Needless to say, all of the other guys had a much better Sunday, and we walked away with the award. Of all the racing I did, it’s funny that this particular weekend stands out as one of the highlights.

Pictured are (from left to right):

Johnny McGee (seated)

Pat McCarty

Don "Moose" Parish

Harvey Hess

John Hulen

Jim Osborne

Logan Blackburn

Jack Hurt

Jack Ensley