2023 Indy Rally Program Schedule

Date Event Time
Dogwood Daze

Dogwood Daze is a time speed distance rally designed specifically for beginners, but fun for non-beginners as well.   This is aTour style rally that uses the Richta App for timing. No tricky route instructions - just follow the instructions given to you.  At each restart point you will re-zero your trip odometer and leave at the beginning of the next minute.  After you leave the restart point, the App will tell you what time you started.  Simply drive a few miles per hours above the speed given in the instructions or you can add the leg time given in your route instructions to the app restart time and you will know the exact time that you need to arrive at the next control.  It is quite possible for Novices to  score well,  And, if you just want a nice drive in the country that ends with food and comradeship, this event provides that as well.

$40/car ($15 discount for SCCA members)

1:00-1:30 P.M   Registration (waivers and weekend member forms will be in registration packets)

1:45 P.M.  Mandatory Safety Meeting

2:00 P.M + Car Number   Start of Rally

5:00 P.M + Car Number   Should arrive at end point 

Items Needed:

  1. Street legal car
  2. 2 people in the car (driver and navigator)
  3. Pen/pencil/highlighter
  4. Clipboard
  5. Dedicated cell phone or GPS enabled tablet for checkpoint scoring
  6. Odometer/GPS or some other way to calculate your mileage
  7. Calculator might be helpful

Event requirements

This is an SCCA RoadRally that requires a street legal vehicle with both a driver and a navigator in the vehicle.  Additional passengers are allowed, but there must be at least 2 individuals in the vehicle.  Either (or both) the driver and navigator must be an SCCA regular or weekend member.

1st - 2nd
Putnam Purple Cow

Putnam Purple Cow Precision is a Tour RoadRally designed to be run by individuals who are attending the SCCA Time Trial event at Putnam Park Road Course the weekend of July 1-2, 2023.  While the goal on track is to go fast, the goal of a RoadRally is to drive with precision and observation.  The course will take participants into Cloverdale and back to Putnam Park while highlighting some of the amenities and unusual sites in the area.  The entire course can be driven in less than an hour and can be run at your convenience any time during the weekend.

The entry cost for the RoadRally is $25 per car.

To make things interesting, live scoring for the RoadRally will be available to view all weekend.  If you run the rally and think you could do better, then for a $10 donation to the rally pot, we will assign you a new car number and you can run the event again.  The winners of the event will get 50% of the rally pot, 2nd place will get 30% of the rally pot, and 3rd place will receive 20%.

Addition details and registration can be found at msreg.com/PurpleCow

Registration and Info

General Instructions
Halloween Road Rally

Rallymaster Jeff Alexander has us seeking out clues of past inhabitants in old schools, cemeteries and other spirited places in this scavenger hunt style Game Tour Adventure (GTA) RoadRally. 

You will be given a map and a list of questions to which you can find answers in various places that are marked on the map.  It's up to you to plot the shortest distance to get to the most number of places and to the end point in the three hour time limit. Please note that if you take the full three hours you WILL be hunting after dark, so a good flashlight is necessary.  This is a family-friendly event ending in Camby. IN. 

Bring a friend, your spouse, your family or anybody else that wants to have an adventure and happy hunting!!

Saturday, October 28
    Check in in 3:30-4:30pm
    End around 8:30pm

Cost: $40 per car ($15 discount for members)

Registration and more information

3:30pm Sodalis Nature Park
Plainfield, IN
Holiday Shopping Shuffle