Solo Series

RULE UPDATE!  A Minor Waiver must be signed by BOTH parents or legal guardians to compete in Solo events.  A parent or legal guardian must accompany all Minors during the entire event.  Contact the Solo Chairman for copies of Minor Waivers before the event.

What is Solo?
A link to the National SCCA page which has rule links, information and news.

National Solo News

Solo Matters

Fastrack News

First Gear - for members 24 and under.

Checklists and other Solo Information
Indy Region Solo Worker Responsibilities
(updated in 2013)

Drivers Meeting Safety Checklist

What is a Solo Safety Steward?

Summary of SCCA Solo Safety Steward Guidelines

Solo Chair

Stefanie Stribling

Online Registration to Solo Events

All Solo events are available online for registration! Just visit the following link to MotorsportReg and create an account!

2003 and before see Clutch Chatter (newsletters)

Grissom Record Day Course Time Records

Event Photos

Event Photos


We recommend and encourage participants to download a rulebook. It is required for Divisional and National level events, and will help you to clarify any questions. Available online or at any Indy SCCA event! Online rules and classifications are NOT always 100% correct. Inquire with the SOLO Chairman at any event for exact details.

Restrictions on high center of gravity vehicles are also applicable.  Contact the Solo Chairman for more details.

Free Solo Season Drawing Rules

2016 Annual Tech Program Rules


Minor Waivers