iRacing League

Big news! Indy Region SCCA announces iRacing League!

General Rundown:
We will be hosting an official IndySCCA iRacing league this year! The league will consist of 5 races, the first one a fun event, the following 4 will be for points. What do my points win me? How about some free events!?

1st place- Free Season of Indy Region SCCA solo points events OR 1 Track Event plus a physical trophy

2nd place- 50% discount towards Track event OR 3 free Indy Region Solo entries + physical trophy

3rd place- 25% discount towards Track event OR 1 free Indy Region Solo entries + physical trophy

4th and 5th – physical trophy only

SCCA membership is required to participate, must be a Central or Great Lakes Division member by the last event to qualify to year end awards.

Must compete in at least 3 points events to qualify for an award, and maximum of 3 events will be awarded.

In event that an award member is not eligible, the next eligible competitor will be awarded that position.

All events will run the Global Mazda MX-5. Sessions will start at 8pm EST.

First 30 minutes will be practice, followed by 10 minute qualification session, leading into a 20 minute race.
  • Fun Event – Nov. 21 @ Jefferson Circuit

  • Points #1 – Dec. 5 @ Summit Point

  • Points #2 – Jan . 2 @ Phoenix Road Course

  • Points #3 – Feb. 6 @ Jefferson Circuit Reverse

  • Points #4 – Mar. 6 @ Lime Rock

  • Points will be awarded similar to our solo points structure:

      • 1st – 12pts
      • 2nd – 9 pts
      • 3rd – 7 pts
      • 4th – 6pts
      • 5th – 5pts
      • 6th – 4 pts
      • 7th – 3pts
      • 8th – 2pts
      • 9th and below – 1pt

    Ties for year end points will be broken on basis of quality of finishes, i.e. most number of first, most number of seconds, etc. Remaining ties will be broken by comparing cumulative best lap times from events where both competitors competed.

iRacing Info

League Name: Indy SCCA Winter League

Owner: Wes Malusek

For more information email Wes @